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Mike Gibbs Band / Just Ahead

Mike Gibbs Band / Just Ahead

Tracks are 1:Grow Your Own(8:11), 2:Three(5:55), 3:Country Roads(10:34), 4:Mother of the Dead Man(8:56), 5:Just a Head(11:18), 6:Fanfare(4:06), 7:Nowhere(9:29), 8:Sing Me Softly of the Blues(14:00), 9:So Long Hone(21:16).

Personnels are Ken Wheeler, Harry Beckett(trumpets & flugelhorns), Chris Pyne(trombone), Malcolm Griffiths(tenor & bass trombones), Geoff Perkins(bass trombone), Ray Warleigh(alto saxophone, flute, alto flute), Stan Sulzmann(alto & soprano saxophones, flute, piccolo), Alan Skidmore(soprano & tenor saxophones, flute, alto flute), David MacRae(fender rhodes piano), John Taylor(electric piano), Chris Spedding(guiter & electric siter), Roy Babbington(bass guiter), John Marshall(drums), Frank Ricotti(vibes, percussion).

Produced by Michael Gibbs and Andy Stephens, 1972.

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